Hello everyone!

Crimson City has been reset. You can find additional information about what the reset entails, and the schedule for other cities here.


As Crimson City launches into Season 2, it's time to reward the fantastic top islands from the previous season!




For Coral City, you will now find it closed. All progress that was saved for the new season (once again, see here for what that is), has been moved over to Crimson City. For ranks, if you already had a rank on Crimson City as well, you will find that you should have the highest rank.



Please PM me on the forum to receive your prize, if you won! Make sure you provide picture evidence that you own the relevant Minecraft account.

Hello everyone!

Ivory City has been reset. You can find additional information about what the reset entails, and the schedule for other cities here.


As Ivory City launches into Season 2, it's time to reward the fantastic top islands from the previous season!



Please PM me on the forum to receive your prize, if you won! Make sure you provide picture evidence that you own the relevant Minecraft account.

Hello everyone!

As we plummet down into the madness of Season 2, we'd like to give some information on how the reset will happen.

The all important question: what will be lost, and what will be kept?

First of all, the following will be kept:
  • Purchased ranks
  • Purchased kits
  • Badges
  • Any unspent XP boosters

Everything else will disappear so that we can improve the economy and game play. This includes money, cryptos, islands, inventories, robots, computers and anything else that is not in the list above. We may hold end-of-season events, where players can come blow up spawn and generally run amok, but these will be announced in separate threads.


As Golden City launches into Season 2, it's time to reward the fantastic top islands from the previous rewards!



Please PM me on the forum to receive your prize, if you won! Congratulations to everyone.


The idea for Season 2 is to bring out lots of features as the season progresses. However, we're of course going to kick everything off with some initial additions!

New Skyblock Plugin

We completely rewrote our Skyblock plugin, from the ground up in the SkyMetro style you've all come to know. This new one is a lot faster, slicker, and contains a whole load of brand new features. It allows us to do a lot of awesome things down the road also! The main features that you will notice are:

Reduced lag
The new plugin has been written from scratch with server performance in mind, which means we should be able to handle higher player counts this time around.

GUI based management interface
All island features can be accessed through a new & improved GUI system! You can manage flags, team members, island settings, warps, homes and upgrades all through one simple and intuitive interface!

Improved flag-permission system
The existing island flag system has had a complete overhaul. You can toggle flags for all players, your team, or even specific users! lots of flags of permissions for all players, island members, or even specific people. Customize the hell outta your island!

Improved team management
You can now part of multiple teams, and still have an island of your own! We also made it much easier to oversee who has access to your island, manage invites and expel/ban players from your island.

Island expansions
We increased the max island size from 6 chunks (last season) to a whopping 25 chunks! This means you have loads more space for those huge farms. ;)

Islands and team sizes can be expanded over time from the island management interface.

Stacked mob spawners
Mob spawners are now stacked similarly to how mobs themselves stack together. This will both improve player FPS and the overall performance of the server. Mob drops will of course remain the same - stacked spawners produce more mobs!

Improved Economy
We've made a number of improvements to the economy, to greatly balance the effectiveness of certain farms and strategies.

In summary:
  • We reduced the effectiveness and efficiency of spawner farms
  • We buffed non-spawner farms
  • We buffed ore-mining/robot-mining slightly
  • We made it harder to obtain hoppers and other redstone components
We will continue to tweak this throughout Season 2.

Lots of other things!
There are a *lot* of other small changes as well that we're launching with Season 2...You'll just have to play it to find these out!


The all important question: when does all this shiny new content release!?

Golden City - Right now!
Ivory City - Wednesday 8th November (2 days away)
Crimson City - Monday 13th November (1 week away)
Coral City - Will be merged into Crimson and reset on the 13th. (another thread will follow containing the details of this)
Maroon City - Saturday 18th November
Hello everyone!

Yesterday afternoon, we unfortunately were attacked by an individual who managed to get through a network exploit. We've since patched this, so it cannot happen again. The user banned lots of players, removed items and generally caused a lot of havoc on multiple servers.

We were able to roll back and undo a majority of his work, but unfortunately the script that managed our backups had previously crashed, meaning that we have no backups that are even remotely recent. We have since also fixed this, so backups are working again properly.

The issues that this caused is:

1. All players who were online on Ivory City during the attack lost their inventory. Anyone offline at the time will be fine. There is unfortunately no way to fix this.

2. The entirety of Golden City's islands are wiped. There is no way to get these back either.

In light of these issues, we have made a couple of decisions:

1. Golden City will close effective immediately for the reset. As all the islands were lost, there's no reason to keep it up right now.

2. Golden City will reset most likely this weekend. It will have some initial changes, but a lot of the big feature changes will be coming in the following weeks. We wanted to get the new season out ASAP due to this attack.

3. The top islands on Golden City will be announced, with season rewards given to the winners.

4. The other cities will start a staggered reset, one every couple of weeks or so.

Once we're into Season 2, you should see a lot of content coming out! We are all working on some pretty nifty stuff.

Thanks for your patience.
Hello everyone!

It is the time of the year to get spoopy. Recommended listening while reading this thread is as follows:

Super duper sale

Nothing gets the creep on quite like a 25% off the entire store for 2 weeks! That's right, you can save a bunch of money until the 5th November. To help with the Halloween theme, we've also spooked up the spawn area (shout out to @xMc for doing this!).

Exclusive Halloween Crates

To celebrate Halloween, we've made an exclusive crate that has some halloween only drops (like the cool Halloween 2017 Badge!). You can find all sorts of other things in them, from tools to enchantments and more.

Mega Miner Kit

We've also released our first premium kit! These are per-server unlocks that you get get, on top of any rank kits you receive. The first couple of kits will be available forever, but the future ones will be limited to a specific number of sales before never being sold again.

To start it off, we have the Mega Miner kit, with a super swell pickaxe, and a bunch of blocks to increases your island level!

The future!

So hello there! I'm Jed, or peraldon. I've taken over from the super talented Tux, ensuring that there's lots of new cool updates and things to play with.

Once this Halloween event is done, we have a lot of cool features being tested for release, so I'm hoping that everyone will get to play with a bunch of awesome stuff in the near future! We've hired more Developers as well, so that we can do this for you guys.

Although I don't want to officially slap a date on the beginning of the reset for the cities, you can expect it (most likely) next month.


Hey everyone!

We've been working hard on creating some new features and improving our existing content. Some of these changes are influenced by suggestions that have been made, so if you have any ideas please let us know here! Most of the additions will be made within the first update on Saturday at 3pm EST however more features will be implemented throughout the weekend. Our main focus for this update was PvP and the store, various other tweaks have also been made.

- You no longer receive cracked stone from ore veins
- Various fixes have been applied to enchants
- The bank works smoothly on all versions
- Robot bugs have been fixed
- The warp button now works within profiles
- Many other fixes have been applied throughout the past few weeks

- The Crypto Store has been added
- Keypads have been added
- Donors have a prefix in the hub
- Various leaderboards are around the spawn
- Zombie Pigman and Witch spawners have been added
- A new kit has been added to the summer crate
- Ore vein drops have been improved
- Crate rewards are no longer voided when you have a full invent
- Ranks won from crates are credited in the form of a redeemable token
- The economy has been tweaked
- All store items are available to purchase in a quantity of one
- Severe scamming and griefing has been added to the rules
- Island information shows on profiles and the scoreboard
- The lottery has been implemented
- Items purchased from the store can be obtained in a shopping bag
- A Shop GUI has been added for all donors
- Social Media heads are now within the spawn
- A new PvP arena has been added
- Supply crates now drop within PvP
- Rename tags are available on the store
- New refunder GUI

Additions in the coming few days
- A way to browse sell prices
- ChestShops will soon be within the Crypto Store
- Sell sticks
- A /report command will been implemented

We've also had to adjust the unlimited redstone package, it was the cause of many performance issues therefore it's now improved redstone rather than unlimited. This might cause some farms that were reliant upon unlimited redstone to break, we apologise for that.

Hopefully you all enjoy this new update, expect to see more like this very soon!
Hey everyone!

Hopefully you've been enjoying SkyMetro over the past few days. Thank you for your patience and incredible support while we've been fixing bugs.

I figured I'd make this post to (1) update you all on what's been done, (2) what we are working on, and (3) get your opinion on something.

Recent Fixes & Additions
- Computer placement was fixed, you now use the /computer command.
- The Crypto drop-rate was increased significantly.
- Computer upgrades are now stored when you break it and load again upon it being placed.
- You can now safely trade with other players, use the /trade command.
- All the challenges are working correctly now.
- Changes have been made to PvP .
- Minor bugs related to enchants have been fixed.
- Dupe Bounty program.

What are we working on?
- Within the next couple of days we'll be releasing a Crypto Store, here you'll be able to purchase various custom items with your Crypto Shards.
- ChestShops are one of the items that'll be available within the Crypto Store. ChestShops on SkyMetro will allow you to have multiple items for sale per chest as well as more storage than a regular chest would offer. This is definitely something to look forward to.
- We're aware the economy needs some attention, because of this we're going to be releasing a slightly modified version of the current economy.
- Item repairing will be live on the server very soon! It'll be part of the tinkerer and you'll exchange Crypto Shards for durability on your weapon.
- City challenges will soon be a thing! We'll state a challenge and the cities will fight to win it. For example we might say the city that makes the most money within a week receives a reward.
- We'll be adding a trust section to /computer, this allows you to trust other members to interact with your machine.
- Keypads will soon be part of SkyMetro, these allow you to protect a chest with a password.

Your Opinion
We plan on improving the in-game store very soon - we'll be making it so everything is purchased/sold in the quantity of one. But we'd also like to ask you all a question:

Would you like us to work upon simplifying the current store system? So, keeping the basket feature but having it instantly create one when you enter the store, as well as many other simplifications. Either that or we make the baskets optional, so you can walk straight into the store and make direct purchases from the NPCs. If you could leave a vote on the poll attached to this thread, that'd be amazing!
Finally, SkyMetro is here! We’re really excited to open the server and see players enjoying the unique and highly custom features we’ve been working on for the past few months. To celebrate the release of the server the launch sale is now on, meaning there is 20% off all store purchases! You also receive a super rare launch badge upon making a purchase, don’t miss out!

SkyMetro has two main currencies, the main one being the dollar. Dollars can be obtained by selling items, the best way to get started earning some dollars is to create a cobblestone generator and sell the ores/cobblestone you receive from it. The second currency is Cryptos, these are obtained in a physical form from computers if you set your computer's purpose to Generate Cryptos. In order to spend these Cryptos they must be converted into Crypto Shards, this can be done within the bank if you talk to the trader. The Crypto to Crypto Shard conversion rate can also be found in the bank. So you may be thinking, what can Crypto Shards be spent on? Currently your Crypto Shards can be used to further upgrade your computer, meaning you’ll receive more Cryptos, Blueprints and Ores.

Computers are one of the many highly custom features SkyMetro offers, they can be obtained in the starter chest on your island and one can be placed per person. In a nutshell, computers can be used to obtain Cryptos, Blueprints and Ores. These are awarded upon your computer cracking patterns while you're on the server. These patterns are cracked by cores within your computer, you can have a total of 8 cores in your computer and each one can be upgraded to improve the Speed, Processes and Security. Upgrading the speed allows patterns to be cracked faster meaning you’ll receive more rewards. Improving the processes means multiple parts of the pattern will be cracked at the same time, once again meaning it’ll be cracked faster. Finally the security upgrade reduces the chance of trojans occurring, trojans cause the pattern to become corrupt and because of that a trojan item will be outputted. Trojans don’t stack in your computer's storage, so they can consume a large amount of your valuable storage space. Your computer also has storage bays, this is where your award goes once a pattern has been cracked. You start with one storage bay but more can be unlocked.Cores can be unloaded and loaded into your computer, meaning they can be exchanged between players. Highly upgraded cores can be obtained here.

Robots are used to simplify common tasks and much more! Upon purchasing your robot you receive a Robot Flare, this can be placed on your island to spawn in the robot. You then right click the robot to access the Robot Manager, here you can set your robots mode. There are many robot modes such as Chunk Loading, Farming, Mining, Mob Grinding/Attack and Roaming. So your robots can be used to complete a variety of tasks, ranging from mining at your cobblestone generator to following you around the spawn. To improve each mode Robot Microchips can be used, they can be purchased here and once you have one right click your robot with it and it’ll proceed through the tiers. The basic robot is an Apollo Robot, but that can be upgraded to Triton, then to Atlas and the final tier is Spectre. Your robot can also be personalised, you can change your robot's name and unlock colours/styles for the name in crates or here on our store. Outfits are also available for robots, C-3PO, Stormtrooper, Iron Man and Bender are some of the many outfits available. These are obtained through crates.


SkyMetro has a level system, you proceed through the levels by obtaining XP. This can be received by mining ores, killing players, fishing and much more! But the main way to obtain XP is by completing challenges. Players will start by having access to 16 Beginner challenges, once these are complete you’ll have access to another 150+ These are all of different difficulties ranging from easy to impossible, the higher difficulty challenges give you more XP upon completion. Badges are also obtained from challenges as well as here if you want rare YouTuber ones or letter badges, these can be pinned on your profile. You can view another player's profile by either clicking their name in the chat when they type a message, or by using the /profile <name> command. Not only can you showcase your badges you can also use profiles to view someones balance, see what level someone is or view the players warps.


This is SkyMetro’s version of enchanting, the tinkerer can be found at the spawn so talk to him if you want to enchant an item or browse of wide range of custom enchants. Blueprints are effectively our version of an enchanted book, as mentioned previously Blueprints are obtained from computers. Each blueprint has an enchant assigned to it, a level and a quality. Blueprints of a low quality stand a chance of breaking when being applied to an item, however blueprints with the same enchant can be merged to improve the quality. Once a blueprint has been applied to an item it’ll be sent to the pending actions section, where it’ll take some time to be applied to the tool/armour. Donors have access to significantly reduced tinker time, consider purchasing a rank here to benefit from this.


The PvP arena can be accessed with the /warp PvP command. If you're looking to make a more exciting entrance then take to the skies with your elytra, eye up your target and swoop down for a surprise attack. Although SkyMetro supports all versions, the PvP mechanics have been tweaked to be just like 1.8. PvP isn’t just about killing other players on SkyMetro, it’s also a great way of obtaining rare ores. Make your way to the bottom of a large green beacon and mine away at the ores at the bottom.


We hope you enjoy the many features on offer at SkyMetro. We’ve covered the essentials in this post but there is also much more to discover and play around with in-game! Over the coming few days we’ll be focusing on our existing features and making sure everything works as intended. Then we’ll proceed with implementing new features, currently our main priority is improving PvP by making the terrain more enjoying and adding crate drops + much more! We’ll then commence work on some awesome new features like Apartments and the Marketplace. We also now have a Discord. This is an area where you can talk to your friends, make new ones and interact with the community. We expect you all to follow the rules on the Discord too so it remains a peaceful place for all ages.
Join us at! Hopefully you found this post useful and we look forward to seeing you on the server

- SkyMetro Management Team

Update - The testing phase is now over, we hope you all enjoyed checking out some of the awesome features on offer. I'd like to say a huge thanks to everyone that connected and helped us identify some issues! We look forward to seeing you all on Saturday 29th at 2pm EST for the full release when all our features are available and working.

It's here, SkyMetro will be officially open for testing at 6pm EST! We'll be in a beta stage for short period while we identify any bugs and patch them up. If you do run into any issues please let us know here. We're also recruiting! you can apply for staff here, we'd love to have you on the team.