Metro Weekly #1

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    Metro Weekly #1
    Hi civilians! I'm finally launching SkyMetro's official weekly announcement post. In this post, we will cover what's being added, some cool community content, promoting some of your favourite creators, showing off brand new events & announcing contests! This is the home for all things SkyMetro.

    Last week on SkyMetro
    In the past week, we've launched Season 4 of our favourite Minecraft servers. A very flawed start, sadly, which was on my part, but we've now fixed the majority of the issues and had all of the ranks transferred over.

    In terms of content, we haven't launched too much as of yet, as we'd like to do it in weekly boosts. This will verify that new updates are being pushed and players won't get bored
    (we wouldn't want that to happen, right?).

    However, we've launched a few bug fixes here in there to get rid of those pesky critters! Crash issues and other bugs of that nature should have disappeared.

    Starting from today, we'll be posting changelogs as we push new features and rounding them off every week in this very post.

    The reset as a whole
    The server didn't receive the best feedback, after multiple crash issues etc, however we're fully functional again and ready to properly begin Season 4.

    As I stated previously, the content will begin to roll in this week.

    Where next?!
    In the following week, I hope to implement some sort of economy changes, a couple of blueprints and more.

    Community Voice Event
    Tomorrow at 5PM EST I'll be hosting a community voice event, where you will be able to suggest all your ideas. I'll be there noting down your ideas. One person will speak at a time

    7th August @ 5PM EST

    That's all folks!
    In our future announcements, we'll cover a lot more. This is the first one, which is the base, but we'll work off of it!

    Psst... first 3 people to use code K2MF-V747-M65N on our store get 5$ off any purchase!
    SkyMetro Administration
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    Reset islands in the beginning there was an unfair advantage due to the ranks not being transferred
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    Mine and @DrDraven suggestions should still be implemented and hmu with an unban
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    yeah wheres my rank
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